Tutorial For Ultimate - Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Apply sufficient amount of S-Sence oil on the penis’s shaft. By using medium pressure, massage from the base and towards the penis tip in a one-way stroke. Occasionally massage from the testicles towards the penis tip. Do the massage for about 5-10 minutes, 2 times a day. You can do it in the morning after waking up at night before you sleep. It can also be applied before having sexual intercourse. It is recommended that your woman do the massage for you.

Take one capsule after breakfast in treating your sexual health. If there is a need, you can consume one capsule in the morning and another capsule at night. The result depends on your body. Those without illnesses can achieve their desired result in a week. However, those who combine S-Sence and B-Gers will normally get earlier result.

Apply one spray on your finger, and then rub the D-Lay gel on all parts of your penis, especially on the penis’s tip and below the shaft. Let it dry completely. If it does not work well on the first attempt of using it, apply two coats of gel for your next sexual intercourse. If you are performing oral sex, you only need to rinse the dry gel with water but do not wash it off.